THE LIFE OF OUR ANCESTORS exhibiton's visual design


We would like to extend a warm welcome to You in the introduction to the exhibition of the history of the city, called The Life of Our Ancestors!  In the art exhibition the history of one-time and current citizens of Zalaegerszeg is featured throughout centuries in chronological order with special attention to their lifestyle, everyday life, attire, work and entertainment facilities.

In the exhibition an Egerszeg couple come to life, they guide the visitor from era to era.  They appear as peasants in the medieval country town, the man fights as a warrior of the Hungarian frontier during the Turkish occupation, we can get an inside view of the life of a guildsman in the 18th century, he acts as a town gentry  in the 19th century reform era, an urban intellectual during the age of dualism, Mihály Egerszegi works as a clerk during the 20th century Horthy era.  During the Kádár era when the number of citizens reached 60 thousand the couple moves from a nearby village to the city and try to make good as factory workers.  In the meantime, we evoke the milieu, the housing conditions, the fashion, the world of work, the community life, and the entertainment facilities of the various eras.  Thus, not only can we get an inside view of the life of Zalaegerszeg citizens in any given era, but we can also follow the change and progress of social relations, townscape and community space.  

The permanent exhibition presents the history of the city on 450m2 in 5 connecting rooms and as a subplot the history of Zala county – the county seat of which was Zalaegerszeg from the beginning of the 18th century – is also flashed.  The exhibition displays a wide range of exhibits, large-sized printed decorations, interiors and digital contents (humorous animations, films, interactive games) help with understanding.     

Visit us and enter the past life of Zalaegerszeg through the guidance of a charming couple!