Repertoire - The HARMONY OF OPPOSITES | Göcseji Múzeum
Kati Zoób's exhibition at the Göcseji Museum.


2023. május 19. - 2023. augusztus 27.

Until the end of World War II, Budapest's salons were renowned representatives of urban fashion culture, much like the famous fashion houses in Paris. Even during the socialist decades, Hungary had respected fashion salons that upheld timeless style and elegance. After the regime change, fashion picked up pace. On one hand, the rise of fast fashion stores due to intense global competition and mass production became apparent. On the other hand, there was a growing demand for uniqueness, high quality, and exclusive presentation, which gave fashion art a new role.

Kati Zoób's fashion workshop in Budapest excellently embodies the haute couture salon culture. Her fashion house understands and embraces the international fashion art system, representing Hungary in the field of high fashion.

Her collections pay tribute to traditional crafts and craftsmanship, often blending elements from different eras. Whether drawing inspiration from Art Deco, folk motifs, 18th-century furniture marquetry, Renaissance tapestry, Hungarian coronation robes, or the whimsical world of Anna Lesznai's fairy tales, Kati Zoób's collections honor both the past and the present. The garments are meticulously crafted using techniques such as appliquéing delicate organza, embroidering supple leather, creating velvet marquetry with stories from the 18th century, incorporating fur marquetry depicting roses, or hand-sewing hundreds of pearls. These creations not only showcase aesthetic craftsmanship but also convey cultural messages beyond the realm of fashion.

Kati Zoób's name is recognized across different age groups. With her magnificent collections, she has made an impact in fashion capitals like Paris, London, Vienna, New York, and Dubai.

The garments she designs become works of art in elegant museum settings, as they combine noble materials and motifs inspired by past artistic eras, resulting in captivating ensembles that warm the soul. We are thrilled to announce that the Göcseji Museum in Zalaegerszeg will host the exhibition titled "Repertoire - The Harmony of Opposites" from May 19th to August 27th. This retrospective display showcases 85 ensembles, bringing to life the diverse styles and elements of Kati Zoób's art. We invite everyone to join us and be part of this visually stunning contemporary fashion art exhibition that promises a soothing experience for the soul.